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Lyntek Works with MD PnP for White House Ebola Response

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In the wake of an epidemic requiring a centralized, targeted response, Lyntek partnered with the Medical Device Plug and Play Interoperability Program (MD PnP) at Massachusetts General Hospital to rapidly identify medical technology-based solutions (such as the PatientStormTracker™) in support of Ebola care and epidemic control. PatientStormTracker is a relational pattern-based healthcare analytic software that shows proven connectivity to MD PnP’s open platform for medical device and data integration, “Open ICE”. Together with other collaborating organizations from government, academia and industry, Lyntek demonstrated its PatientStormTracker on November 6, 2014 for White House officials, following a 3-day technology “hackathon” with MD PnP.

For a video summary and press coverage of the demonstrations, see

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For more information about Open ICE and MD PnP, visit

Following the demonstration, Lyntek continues to support the application of its PatientStormTracker technology as part of a Remote Clinical Command Center model for future epidemic control. A “Remote Clinical Command Center” would provide centralized, simultaneous real-time clinical analysis of every reported case of the infection, worldwide. For more information about Lyntek’s approach to Remote Clinical Command Centers, view our presentation on Remote Clinical Command Centers.

You can also request a demonstration of the PatientStormTracker technology to partner with Lyntek for infectious disease and epidemic control.