Research at Lyntek

The researchers at Lyntek have taken a deeper look at the Threshold Model of Diagnostics. We've studied the evolution and purpose of threshold diagnostic technology, and understand its limits in preventing death.

Clinical Review Our researchers have comprehensively reviewed over 50 years of medical case literature relating to threshold alerts and unexpected hospital deaths. We discovered that traditional threshold monitoring is not scientifically derived. Instead, we discovered that there are three very common pathophysiologic patterns that are often missed until too late, termed the "Patterns of Unexpected Hospital Death." These patterns are far too complex for early detection by any unifying numeric threshold or super threshold.

Continued Review The focus today is on precision medicine—defining the specific clinical and biochemical manifestations of a condition to optimally target treatment for each patient. Many conditions, like sepsis, manifest in different patients in different ways, but targeted therapy is not possible when those conditions are defined by thresholds. PatientStormTracker enables researchers to uncover the dynamic, time-dimensioned patterns of conditions like sepsis, allowing us to pin-point and better understand the various phenotypes of the condition—a quantum leap towards precision diagnostics and improved patient care.