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Dr. Lynn to Present Sepsis Research at the Military Health System Research Symposium

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Dr. Lawrence Lynn, founder and president of Lyntek Medical, will present two abstracts at the 2016 Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS), to take place August 15-18 in Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida. Both abstracts draw from case studies of the Ebola sepsis-like syndrome, and present novel insight for academic sepsis research, using PatientStormTracker as a tool to detect dynamic transitions.

The first abstract is titled, “Managing Antibiotic Treatment in Sepsis by Mapping Treatment to Rendered Dynamic Sepsis Motion Images: A Case Study.” The abstract presents methods for displaying the actual motion images of relational patterns of “worsening” and “recovery” states of sepsis, in relation to the timing and doses of antibiotic. The second abstract is titled, “Enhancing Situational Awareness of Evolving Sepsis Patterns through a Time-Dimensioned ‘Storm Tracker’ Visual Display.” This abstract presents PatientStormTracker as a system that displays the progression, worsening, and recovery of the sepsis condition over time, mapped across physiological systems in an evolving “storm cell” display.

More information about the 2016 MHSRS can be found by visiting here.

To request a demo of PatientStormTracker, visit here.